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What should my checklist look like if I'm preparing to move to?

This isnt an exhaustive list, but it is what my fianc and I did as we prepared for our cross-country move. Job hunt. Use the popular job search website to find available positions in your industry. I kept a running long of each company/angency I applied to, where I found them, who I spoke with, how I felt about the interview, salary, commute, etc. Find an apartment. Search for apartments within the radius of jobs you are applying to. I kept a running google spread sheet comparing commute to work, monthly rent, specials, size of the apartment, amenities, and rating. I also created a folder on google maps and pin pointed each apartment complex we were seriously considering so we were able to see where in relation it was to grocery stores, highways, shopping, etc. Decide how you are moving. Are you renting a truck? Hiring movers? How much will that cost? How far in advance will you need to schedule the track and/or movers? Will your new apartment complex cover the cost of movers? Start selling your excess and/or easily replaceable items. LetGo, Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, Nextdoor, etc are all great outlets for selling your stuff! Its an easy way to downsize (less to pack!) and make some extra money. Start packing as early as possible. This goes hand-in-hand with downsizing. Pack items you are less likely to need in the coming weeks and/for months. Create an emergency/command box where you can easily find all of your super important stuff right away. Start putting money aside now. Even if your move is a year out - the earlier you put aside an emergency stash, the more your future self will thank you! Contact the USPS to inform them of your address change. This is a double bonus, because once you do this, businesses in the community usually send you coupons. A triple bonus when the local pizza place, Chinese place, chicken place, etc sends you a voucher for a free meal to welcome you to the neighborhood! Youll be super thankful when youre unpacking and dont feel like cooking! Tie up loose ends with your current landlord. Clean your current apartment, hire a maid, and review your terms and conditions for having your security deposit returned to you! Amazon is your best friend. When we moved across the country, I purchased the must haves through amazon so that they would be delivered in time for when we got to the apartment. This included: detergent, hand soap, body wash, toothpaste, shower curtain (future self will thank you again!), toilet paper, etc. This way, you wont have to worry about where it was packed and/or even packing these items if you are currently running low. Everything will be waiting for you in a neatly packaged amazon box! Contact your utility companies. If you plan on keeping your current agencies, be sure to let them know that youre moving. Now is a great time to haggle for a better price. Be sure to check out your new digs. Make some time to meet your potential employers in person. Be sure to schedule tours of those apartment complex and neighborhoods. You dont want to walk into any nasty surprises! We toured apartments and met with employers in Mid-May and made our move in Mid-July. I hope this helps!

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