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What is a checklist for moving in a hurry and packing tips?

Decide what you are going to discard and what you are going to move. You may need to even plan where everything is going to go in your new place before you move. Enlist as many friends as you can to help you pack. Use heavy duty brown wrapping paper to wrap breakables. This is more protective and less expensive than using standard wrapping paper. Planning is the key to any successful move. You cannot plan too much. Pack the clothes and toiletries you are going to need the next three or four days in your suitcase. Keep these with you during the move. Mark all boxes as to where they will go AND prioritize those to be unpacked first. Make sure all movers, pros and friend volunteers, understand he plan. Have one person at the new plan totally in charge of placing items correctly. Note, items that are to be opened early need to be up front and on top. Unless you plan well, this wont happen. Chill. Youve got this.

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