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What are the exact steps to move on from an ex?

The best way to move past a relationship is to not be friends with your ex or have anything to do with them. Delete their number and text messages, email yourself pictures on your phone and then delete them, unfriend and unfollow them on all social media and don't stalk them because it will only hurt you and hold you back from healing. Pack up everything they gave you or reminds you of them and hide it away or get rid of it. Avoid any social situations that might involve them. You could do these one day at a time, or rio the bandaid off and do them all at once. It's sometimes easier to do it in stages. Let yourself grieve. Completely give in to every feeling you have and spend a day or three crying and screaming and sleeping and expressing all of your hurt. Really get it out. Write, paint, exercise, whatever works for you. Part of what makes us sad is the death of all the things wed hoped for. Mourn that, too. Focus on making your life fabulous and feeling good about yourself. Pursue your passions, dress and do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel awesome, and try new things and go new places. It will hurt and it will take time but I promise you that following this advice will help you move on in ways you never expected, and faster than you ever imagined. Soon you'll be attracting amazing people into your life who are better suited for you. This is the only thing that helped me finally get past a relationship. You'll have good days and bad but as long as you keep moving forward and keep making yourself your number one priority you WILL get past it. I promise.

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