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Want to move to Naperville, Illinois from SF, CA for better high?

I lived in Naperville, IL and moved from there almost 33 years ago. Back then it was the fastest growing town in Illinois. Every Labor Day the Jaycees put on the Last Fling beginning 6pm Friday night to 6pm Sunday night. It was a lot of fun. You listened to big name bands, all kinds of food, beer, stuff for the kids, etc. I dont know if they still do it or not. There was also a ribfest. They have a riverwalk and, if it still exists, a sandy beach pool. It is expensive (maybe not as bad as San Francisco) so dont expect your cost of living to go down by much. Winter is long and nasty. I remember a few days where it was 40 deg. below with 80 below wind chill factor. I remember breaking my hand shoveling snow and not knowing because it was so cold. I used to wait for the bus to take it to the train to wait for the train to commute to the city (Chicago) to go to work. If I timed it right, it was 11/2 hours each way. I remember my car freezing and not starting (took 3 days for it to thaw in order to drive it). Theres rain. Summers were okay, but humid. Taxes arent cheap and neither is anything else, but still probably less expensive than SF. I moved from Naperville to Las Vegas to Eugene, OR to Southern California. I have to say I prefer it here to Naperville because of the weather. I cant talk about the schools there compared to SF because Ive been away so long. Good luck to you.

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