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What are the essential checklist in a Moving day?

Here is a quick checklist upon the day! Check the truck. If you hired movers, check the USDOT number on the side. It should match the number on the contract you signed. Avoid those moving scams! Have specific information for your movers. Contact information, address of the new place, and maps for getting there. Sign the movers inventory list. Make sure they provide you with a copy. This record of what theyre moving ensures that nothing disappears en route. Final walk through. The new owners expect to find the house in a certain condition. Double-check every room to make sure no damage occurred during the loading process. "Youve found the right home, youve signed on the dotted line, and now comes the hard part, right? Actually, if you organize well, then youve already put the stressful stuff behind you. This checklist will help you to get and stay organized so the move will be as smooth as possible." - Printable Moving Checklist for Homeowners

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