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My landlord just sent an extensive move-out cleaning checklist that?

Yes, they can send you a checklist. As long as the items are reasonable and comply with state law, its in your interest to use it. In fact, when we receive a notice of termination of the tenancy, we send out a move-out checklist to help the resident get as much (if not all) of their deposit back. We also send the move-in checklist which is required to be completed at the start of the tenancy in Washington State (RCW 59.18.260) plus photos we took and a list of common expenses. What cannot be charged for is ordinary wear and tear but damage can be charged for. There is no statute in Washington defining ordinary wear and tear, so it all comes down to caselaw. Here are just two examples (the Rental Housing Association of WA has a list of 20 from various cases of many decades). Ordinary Wear and Tear Worn or loose hinges on doors or locks. Damage Doors with holes. Windows or doors broken. Damage to door or doorframe from forced entry. Ordinary Wear and Tear A few small tack or nail holes, minor marks on or nicks in wall. Damage Large or substantial holes or dents in wall.

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