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Im 19 and moving out on my own.?

First: Find an apartment or room to live in. If apartment you might want a roommate to help with expenses. Next: A bed, a bed frame,, sheets, blankets, pillow with pillow cases . Bed spread if you have the money. A dresser to put cloth in ,cloth hangers, cloth basket,, and a lamp.. Then a set of 4 dishes, fry pan and spatula. One or two medium size pans for boiling pasta, a large laddle, a cookie sheet and one cake pan for baking some food in or making a cake, tinfoil, a can opener, an oven mite or two pot holders, coffee pot , 2 dish clothes and 2 dish towels. Cutting knife and Silverware..a microwave if you can afforded one ( look for used). A kitchen table with either 2 or 4 chairs. You can use that for a computer if you can't find a desk right away. A TV . Now those are basic needs other then food.. Livingroom furniture you can buy anytime. However a counch is nice to have. OOPS! DON'T forget a broom and scrub rags n pail for keeping the place clean. I am so excited for you! Best Wishes! P.S Call mom once in a while she'll miss you terribly. I have one suggestion what ever you buy take care of it and demand friends do also.

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